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  • Forgotten Gods: The Complete Series by Laura Greenwood

    24 Jan 2021 by

    Ups and downs This is a series based on Egyptian Gods coping with living in the modern world. Each book in this box set is reviewed individually below. Book 1: Protectors of PoisonSerket has been hiding for years, pretending to be the human, Sera. She moves around a lot, so not to create suspicion on… Read more

  • The Gamble by Tara Crescent

    23 Jan 2021 by

    Plenty of hotness in a second-chance romance with a twist This is a new reworking of the book Gambling with Gabriella. I hadn’t read this book, so everything inside is completely new to me. I actually read it in pieces, as part of a newsletter release. Not something I’ve actually done before, so I got to… Read more

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