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  • A Rose to the Torch by Bartholomew Lander

    19 Mar 2020 by

    Incredible world building I can completely understand why people have a “Marmite” reaction to this (i.e. they either love it or hate it): if I hadn’t read the prequel to this, All Bleeds Through (ABT), then I believe that I would have been somewhat confused, too. ABT lays out the basics of the universe, with tales set inside… Read more

  • If I Love You by Tmonique Stephens

    17 Mar 2020 by

    From bitter to sweet A story that starts off with resentment, which we do learn the reasons for as the story moves along, yet resolves in a good way. Kensley and Noah were once friends, having grown up together, along with her brother. Yet her brother didn’t come back from Afghanistan. Noah did. So when… Read more

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