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  • Valkyrie’s Oath by Arizona Tape

    6 May 2020 by

    Well… My ambiguous title is due to my mixed impressions. I was so confused when I started the book that I hated the first couple of chapters. Well, hate might be a bit strong, but I disliked it. Even up to the point of the MC becoming attracted to a new teacher. Eurgh! It just wasn’t for… Read more

  • The Infamous Duke by Allyson Jeleyne

    1 May 2020 by

    Great sequel! Of course, we know from the beginning how this has to turn out – it is a HEA in planning! And we’ve already met both Wade and Cassie in the previous book, and this book starts with repeating the garden party, but from their POVs. There is an almost instant attraction that goes… Read more

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