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  • Join or Die by J. Adrian Ruth

    11 Apr 2021 by

    The race to save Otherworld This book is initially set in the human realm, before Alex suddenly receives a visitor who tells him that his absentee father is a “Creature”, the various monsters out of myths and legends, and that he most likely will transform into one, too. So there Alex is, a half breed… Read more

  • Pursuing Pandora by Maggie Brown

    10 Apr 2021 by

    A not-to-be-missed romance-come-mystery This book was quite delightful, in so many ways. We have sultry Pandora, who isn’t at all what she seems. Recently burnt Winter, who is happy to finally be able to move on from her controlling ex. Then Winter’s array of family and friends, some who really don’t appear to have her… Read more

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