Spring Whirl


Why Random Books?

You are not me; I am not you.

I don’t tend to read a book just because it’s popular, or famous, etc. I read books because of an interesting cover, because they’re free, because they’re by an author I like.

I mean, why should I be like everyone else? We’re all unique, with our own unique ideas of what makes a book good.

I’m also not a fast reader; I will read a maximum of forty books a year, compared to the crazy highs that some people reach of a hundred or more!! Well, this is partly to do with how I choose to divide my time, reading in between places on the bus, tram, train, or in bed before I go to sleep.

So, don’t expect the normal stuff going on here. Don’t expect it to be daily, either. Just expect my own unique take on the books I either love or hate. They will all be here, waiting, for anyone who may be interested.